Método Untamed

A class of high physicality based on elements of flying low, parkour, break dance, martial arts and capoeira in order to establish a language in common, and explore the limits of each one, stretching them until the limit and further.

Untamed method aims to unleash the unknown power that our body and
mind releases in situations of extreme stress, danger and/or pleasure. Fed by basic natural ways of movement (like animal styles and natural reflexes and actions), it awakes our primitive instincts, and capacity of reaction.


Após anos de prática em diferentes técnicas corporais,

Formação profissional de 2 anos (18+)


Performact is a course created to prepare dancers with a rigorous stage performance oriented teaching plan. Not only will the successful applicants be able to work their own body techniques with several renowned tutors, but they’ll be provided with complementary stage production knowledge essential to the way each one perceives the stage itself.

This program is spread over two years of formation, classes and creation processes. In the first year the participants will be in touch with several choreographers, teachers and dancers who’ll share not only their technique but also their own way of perceiving the dancer and the relation with the stage.


The second year follows up this guideline settled in the first one, with a slight shift of focus to the independence of the participants, and their capacity to use the knowledge acquired to their own advantage and the respective creation of their own pieces.



Performact was created to fulfil the educational and training gap of nowadays, that have been based in ideal situations that not always correspond to the real situation faced in the art field, mainly as an upcoming artist.


It faces its artists with real problems and difficulties of the market, showing windows and possibilities, of how, with few, you can achieve further goals.

Festival de verão

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