Todo para sempre é agora (2014)

-for Companhia de danca de Almada


Based upon an exploration into the theme of time, "Todo para sempre é agora " (All for Ever and Now), aims to follow a dramatic journey involving characters imprisoned by the same reality, one which restricts them by lack of conditions, lack of hope and dreams - in which they look for a way to change their own reality.


In the Michaellis dicionary, the word "Tempo" (Time) has 21 definitions. Can you understand them all? "A season", "A lapse in time, future or past" are two of them. But do we know what is the right time to act? To stop? When our time has passed?


Choreography & Music composition: Ricardo Ambrózio

Performers: Rousseau, Daniela Andana, Joana Puntei, Mariana Romao, Nuno Gomes, Bruno Duarte, Miguel Santos, Luis Malaquias 

Choreographic Assistance/ Repetitor: Maria Joao Lopes

Light design: Claudia Rodrigues


For Companhia de Danca de Almada

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